Want to color, light and a personal touch to your home? Well you can get it in a simple way with fabrics, tapestries and textiles, to help you change environments easily, quickly and economically, becoming the absolute protagonists of your home.

These elements will serve to change the look of curtains, sofas, chairs, blankets, carpets and even walls. If you want to know a few simple tricks to decorate your home with fabrics, do not miss what we’ll tell you then. The result will be spectacular!

home decorating with fabrics


If your intention is to create a welcoming atmosphere, a good idea is to frame your windows with curtains and investing in quality fabrics whenever possible. In addition, exercise of thermal and acoustic insulation.

Sofas, armchairs and chairs

The cushions also allow you to add designer touches to your home. With this add-on, neutral colored sofa can be transformed into a visual attraction point. You can use them in classrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens … In the same way; you can give a new life to your sofas, chairs and armchairs reupholstering them with textiles that are trend. In addition, upholstery is relatively simple.

The bed

The bed, which is one of the protagonists of home furnishings, highlighted with anything you put on top. You can opt for the quilts and pillowcases that are already made up or find a design you really like. This last way you seek harmony or contrast with fabrics to dress your windows.

Earth tones, fresh colors and flowers

If you have any doubts with the colors, from warmness we recommend you decant by earthy tones that bring warmth and cleaning to the main rooms in your House as well as timeless. And now that spring arrives, you can opt for light and fresh as the blue, green or yellow colors. Of course, your home also flowers, sit him great walls, both curtains and cushions. These fabrics will bring freshness and romanticism to the various rooms.