Yes, the kitchen is one of the most important parts of the home, if not the most, but let’s faces it: not all of us are good at cooking! Many people, like me, prefer to fast and uncomplicated recipes. In addition, there are others who barely have time to devote to this work. Well here’s a tip for all persons included in one of two groups: do not invest in a large kitchen or a sophisticated appliances.

Reduce the kitchen to a minimum is one of the best tips that can implement virtually all those who do not cook or simply do not have time to be home. Of course, designing a compact kitchen does not mean that a kitchen should be invisible. Are you one of those people who just use the kitchen? So follow our tips!

tips for designing a kitchen

The kitchen, little space in your life

The first thing you have to keep in mind if you hardly use the kitchen is that it should take up little room in your house, as it has little importance in your life. So, you can project your kitchen into a front, with fitted appliances and take advantage of all the space. You can also opt for an island that function, which may be fixed or mobile.


In your case, the choice of appliances is key. It is best to tell your kitchen with a refrigerator, however small, a cooker, a hood and a microwave. It can also be a good idea to put a dishwasher small.

A functional kitchen

Finally, it is very important to functionality. You must choose the counter depending on your height, make sure that you have adequate work surface and observe an area off the kitchen free of at least one meter. The objective is clear: to create a comfortable kitchen.