Like other small rooms, organizing a small bathroom starts with the identification of objects or elements that we don’t use to dispose of them. We must also take into account the size of the furniture, among other aspects.

You think eliminating items that you don’t need and placing only those that are useful you can organize and take advantage of the space in a better way. Therefore, in this new article we suggest learn some tips to organize a small bathroom.

tips for organizing a small bathroom

Use organizers

Did you ever hear the phrase ‘divide and rule’? This is what you should do in any room and especially your bathroom. It uses organizers in drawers allowing you to order different items that are saved in the small bathroom, that way you can more easily find what you are looking for while you do not occupy unnecessary space.

Furniture for small baths

Not only should be in quantity but in size. It is necessary for us to be aware with the space that we have and put small furniture such as shelves and cabinets where you can store different objects such as towels, bath towels, hair, among other items.

Keep cleaning

Keep the bathroom clean also helps to be tidy and organized, since it allows you to remove those accessories or items that we do not use. In addition, to sort out everything you use also save you long time to do a thorough cleaning to the bathroom.

Cabinets with inventory

Cabinets are spaces where at the end of all ends crushed and tidy in a place, some accessories or objects on top of others and all are hard to find. The main idea is to order it, throw away what does not work or things with expired expiration date. Then place what it has been in the Cabinet, do an inventory and put it to the view, this way it will be easier to find what you are looking for.

Place shelves

To have greater space for mounting objects to decorate or simply because more space is needed, a good idea is to put independent shelves on top of the toilet or under the sink to better enhance spaces and additional storage.

In addition to these tips to organize a small bathroom, you can use some tips for decorating small bathrooms that allow you to provide a range in the environment to appreciate more space.