Do you have morning allergies? Perhaps you are surprised to know that they may be caused because your mattress or the whole House, are full of mites. Mites are microscopic insects that cause allergies and diseases, that not treated can be very dangerous. You cannot get rid of them all, but if you can’t control the problem with tips to eliminate mites we bring you today.

How to kill mites

The first thing you have to do is to clean the rooms of the House to remove dust. Not enough to use the vacuum cleaner on carpets, you also have to wash carpets, decorative folders, curtains, tablecloths, sofa covers and cushions, with hot water to kill the mites, because these insects love those places to live.

how to kill mites

For furniture, best thing to do is to wipe a cloth that does not leave lint moistened with a cleaner containing benzyl benzoate or any chemical that kills mites.

To clean the dust out of your House, it is best to use a mask, especially if you’re allergic or have respiratory problems.

The warmth of the Sun helps kill mites, so you can let your furniture a few hours under the Sun. But it must be a dry and very sunny day since moisture helps the mites are proliferating.

How to remove the bed mites

Mites worship your bed mattress, so to delete them you have to wash the mattress with very hot water to kill mites and leave it to dry in the Sun Ray. But if it is not possible to wash it, then you have to give light blows so dust falls off and then vacuum it well. If your mattress is more than eight years, it is recommended that you change it for a new one.

Wash all clothing bedding with hot water once a week or at least every two weeks. Hot water is the most effective way to eliminate mites. Many products say on their labels to do so, but in reality they are not very effective. You can use hot water washer cycle or leave bed linen in the tub with hot water a few minutes before washing.

If it is not possible to put the washer the stuffed toys or pillows, then you can place in resalable bags and leave in the freezer a few hours or even a few days. Also you can sprinkle with benzyl cleaner, but it is not as effective as the hot water or the freezer.

Other tips to eliminate mites in the home

  • Change air filters and clean ventilation ducts frequently.
  • Remove unnecessary objects in the room gathering dust.
  • Try to keep bagged clothing from the closet and do not use curtains or bedspreads that keep dust.
  • Put a protective cover anti mites to mattresses and pillows, or use hypo-allergenic Pillows.