In many of today’s homes there is a common problem of lack of space. Historically, the lack of site has required that some family members sharing a room. Who has not shared a room with a brother or sister?

Living with someone in the same room can have both positive and negative things, but certainly it is an unforgettable experience. However, for parents who have children of different sexes decor of this room can be a real headache. If this is the case, we now know a few ideas that you will unisex super helpful to your child’s bedroom. Ready?

Unisex ideas for child room

Rather than cars and princesses, animals can become great allies when decorating the room who share your daughter and your son. In the jungle, sea, farm … They are valid for walls, quilts, lamps, stuffed animals and other accessories. Similarly, you can be inspired by nature, creating spaces that simulate the mountains, the beach or the woods.

The letters and numbers are also good items to decorate, especially for children who are in primary. For the largest, other subjects of the school such as geography or history can serve you. Another key element to this room is the characters in comics or books. Unisex stories as “The Little Prince” can serve as a guide. You can paint the characters on the wall or find quilts that contain elements of a story. You can also use their favorite toys or activities like decorating center, for example, a bicycle or washing machine or vintage or antique pieces.

With the flat screwdriver do lever to separate of the wall the metallic box jointly with the cables. We recommend that you paint the walls a neutral color and use brighter colors in accessories and furniture.