Perhaps to consume products whose packaging is glass and the weeklong accumulate large numbers of them to dispose of them in the corresponding container in order to contribute to the recycling chain. If so far you have not offered another option to get rid of them, read what follows and learn what to do with bottles and glass jars. Do you want to know? Go ahead!

decorating with glass jars

How to reuse bottles and glass jars

There are jars and bottles of different sizes, colors and shapes what we encourage you that you together them and reuse them with a new purpose. Look at the ornaments you can do:

  • A terrarium with miniature plants.
  • Candle holder.
  • Original picture frames with photos inside the bottles.
  • Showy ornaments. Fill them with sand, sea shells, calipers, crabs, rocks, etc.
  • Vases of different sizes.
  • Decorations for parties. Paint them with gold paint or color silver, ideal to decorate the table or the House for Christmas.
  • Save inside threads, buttons, hooks, pins, needles etc.
  • Stylus.
  • Place spices and herbs inside.
  • Make chandeliers with bottles of wine or champagne.
  • Fill the jars with water and place floating candles inside.
  • Decoration for Halloween. Painted jars of orange color and paste them faces or Sol.

An amazing variety of things can be stored in jars or glass bottles, also these can be painted with different techniques. Put into practice your creative side and let your imagination guide you to get very home-made artworks.