Of all the dog breeds out there, poodles are the favorites of the most coquettish, perhaps because their characteristics resulting very tender and feminine. What happens is that not everyone is ready to care for an animal properly, and less if we talk about a little girl, but we can allow ourselves to sleep in a room that is a tribute to the breed so popular.

At least this is what happened to Altamoda Italy, a firm that has seen fit to decorate room white and pink poodles puppies for lovers, making it a true sanctuary of the famous little dog. A spectacular bedroom for some people might get to touch the kitsch and tacky, but that surely will delight the smallest in the house.

white and pink room decor

Luxury Suite

More than a room, it seems that this is a luxury suite hotel capricious celebrity. A huge room in which there is not only room for conventional sleeping area, but is also equipped with its own living room, plus bathroom with bath area including vintage. This separated by a glass wall that gives a very modern loft air. The whole room is lined and decorated only in white and pink, can’t be more batter.

Ideas and details

As we say in the past, the photographs illustrating this post should not be more than a reference for ideas, since an exact imitation is not always possible due to space and pocket. However, you will be inspired by details like the wallpaper in vertical strips, or the number of tables with frames of different ways, both concepts of maximum trend in interior decorating today.