Used since old times for the furniture and the floor covering, wood had lost a little of its appeal over the years in which the formica was imposed. Fashion’s return to nature has made us regret us from our parents or our grandparents have burned, pulled, or destroyed which today makes the charm of a beautiful ecological or rustic home. Wood furniture is back, it’s creating an eco-friendly style while welcoming.

Types of wood furniture

wood furniture

Exotic wood

This wood is ideal if you want to decorate the House with wooden furniture in colors from around the world and thus provide an exotic touch. This wood is recognized by its usually reddish or orange colors. However, you should be careful with regard to the origin of the wood, checking either carrying the eco-label certifying that it is a material cut into forests exploited sustainably.

Rough wood

It is the most recent, at the same time modern and ecological decorative trend. This type of wood does not undergo any treatment, simply is cut and then polished.

Wood joinery

The list is long and the choice will depend on your tastes in the finish and strength. The choice is endless and imagination of the cabinetmaker also. In any case you should be careful because these finishes are fragile and require minimal maintenance.


Today we find bamboo furniture, especially used for the bathroom. It’s a beautiful, exotic and very eco-friendly material. Bamboo grows constantly and is renewed with ease.

Wood floor coverings

Other forms and although they are not treated furniture, should be recalled wood floor coverings to bring to the House a warm look and a tone much more rustic depending on the installation mode. The floating parquet is a good solution, but does not replace quality, touch, or the finish of true natural wood parquet.

If you have a hardwood floor, you should consider placing a rug under the table, or under the sofa, in order to create a greater contrast, and establish a more decorative warm throughout the House.