It is very common to make some mistakes in decorating homes, especially if you have many notions of interior. The best when it comes to put hands to work with renewal of dwellings is therefore consulting with professionals. However, there is another perfect choice to hit with your choices: check interior designs.

Today we focus on the receiver that, despite being a super important place of the house, can be well neglected. This is the room that welcomes us when we walk into any home and, in a way, is responsible for the first idea we have of housing in general. So, lest you give a print wrong, we will tell you about some mistakes that you should not commit. Are you ready?

decorating the hall

First, it is important not to reload the area, as it is one of the areas of the home that usually has less square meters and a lot of furniture or accessories can cause a feeling of being overwhelmed. Similarly, it is not advisable to leave it empty, but opt for a minimalist style. It is best to place elements that achieve a balance cozy.

Of course, you should not place a light little, but not too intense. Note that this aspect is one of the most important in decorating the hall. We recommend you bet on some lights embedded in the ceiling.

In conclusion, we warn you not use colors dark for this area of your house, as they are often very dark rooms by the absence of windows and could dwarf the space visually. Therefore, you should avoid black, grays, dark browns and dark tones in general. Instead, incorporates colors clear and bright.